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Welcome to Summer Camp!

It is still winter, but already time to make plans for an awesome summer! This year´s summer camp will take place the 17th-23th of July, and will be the 8th summer camp for women, trans and intersex individuals interested in BDSM and fetish! Get ready for a week of exciting play, interesting workshops, engaging discussions, lots of opportunities for skill sharing as well as time for relaxing in the sun together with other wonderful and playful camp participants. 

Date 2017

The camp will take place from Monday the 17th of July to Sunday the 23th of July. In order to promote a good atmosphere we would prefer if the participants stayed for the whole duration of the camp. Registrations for shorter time periods will be possible provided there is room, but only in cases when participants plan to arrive on Monday the 18th and depart before the camp ends. This routine is to ensure that the social atmosphere at camp is relaxed and feels safe for all participants, and that all are present at the introduction activities that are planned for the first days of the camp. It is not possible to arrive before Monday the 17th or stay after Sunday the 23th of July, since there are other camps planned for the week before and the week after Wish Power Exchange Summer Camp. Please contact us if you need to arrive earlier or depart later, and we will send you a list of hostels/hotels in the vicinity.


This year’s fee is 3100 SEK (Swedish kronor), same price as last years, which includes both activities, room and board. The price also includes an annual membership in Wish Stockholm.

If you are willing to help as a kitchen volunteer, we can offer a reduction in the fee. We have limited reduced-rate spots reserved, so please state clearly on your registration if you would like to be considered for this.

Scheduled workshop facilitators will also receive a small reduction in the fee. If you are interested in running a scheduled workshop, please let us know as early as possible.

The living quarters of the camp consists of bedrooms, which usually houses 4 persons. We know that some people who travel together, for example couples, may wish to have a room to themselves. If you state on your form that you prefer your own room, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. There will be an additional cost of 500 SEK per person associated for doing so. For larger groups who wish to stay together, there is no additional cost, provided we can accommodate you. If you have a wish for sharing room with someone specific, please state so on your form.

Payment information

Payment information will be sent with the confirmation of your booking. We accept direct bank transfers but please be mindful of any additional charges that may be incurred by different transfer methods. Any additional costs will have to be covered by you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


The camp consists of a small set of houses and buildings on the west coast of Sweden, surrounded by beautiful nature and close to the town of Smögen, as well as Nordens ark, an animal sanctuary for endangered species (http://www.nordensark.se/en/). It is in walking distance to a picturesque beach perfect for swimming. Directions to the location will be sent upon confirmed booking and completed payment.

Who will be there? 

All Wish events are open to women, transgender and/or intersex people living with their identity in everyday life. As previous years, there could be someone from our Wish extended family working on site who is a cis gendered man. He will keep his distance from the events and the camp but will be around if we need assistance, as he provides essential support in regards to the maintenance of the venue. He respects us and our space and we expect attendees to continue to show him that same respect as well.


We ask that everyone familiarize themselves with the rules (and of course follow them). These have been put together to ensure everyone’s safety, security and comfort while at the camp. A list will be sent out with payment information.

Sleeping arrangements

Bedrooms are shared, with 4-6 people in each room. There is also space to put your own caravan, trailer or tent in the yard if you prefer. All participants are expected to bring their own bed linen and towels. For those who choose it will be possible to rent linen and towels for a fee of 100 SEK (please let us know at least a week before the camp starts if you will need to rent). We will also ask you to clean your rooms and participate in cleaning the common areas before departing.


The premises

The estate features spacious shower- and bathrooms. There are washing and drying facilities for clothes as well. On the yard there is a jacuzzi hot tub where you can take a relaxing hot bath during the evenings and nights. Inside the main building there are three playrooms – two big and public spaces with several stations, and one smaller lockable dungeon in the basement with a booking system, in case you prefer more private play. Each space is equipped with all kinds of furniture and equipment for s/m and bondage play, such as a bondage chair, whipping benches, metal poles, St. Andrews’ cross, electric winches in the ceiling and an old fashioned bed. At times there will also be one small intimate cabin, available situated right next to the hot tub. There is also plenty of open and social areas and a large dining room and of course bedrooms. Since the estate has an enclosed yard, there are also possibilities to play outside, and weather permitting we will also have furniture and activities planned outside. Following the success of certain themed events (like our sports, prison and school group role plays, as well as last year´s popular Shame Games) we also may be able to arrange themed group events outside or inside. If you have any suggestions or wishes, the sooner we know about them the more likely we may be able to work something out. Earlier years we have had a leather workshop available, but, unfortunately, there won´t be a workshop on this year´s camp.


On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be scheduled introduction activities/workshops/demonstrations as well as organized group plays. All the activities will be held in English when possible. If you have any special skill or knowledge that you would like to share, we welcome suggestions for lectures, workshops, and demonstrations of all kinds. We also welcome you to contact us if you are interested in facilitating a scheduled group play. Please write to us at wishpowerexchange@gmail.com. You are also most welcome to arrange spontaneous workshops/skill sharing sessions/role plays/DIY that are not scheduled during the camp.


Meals are included in the fee. Breakfast is served from about 8:00-10:00 am, and there will be a light lunch around 1:00 pm. ”Fika” (coffee and a light snack) will be served at 4-4.30 PM. Dinner is served around 7:00 pm and is an occasion when some take the opportunity to dress up, but it is not a requirement. Fruit and snacks will be available throughout the day. We will do our best to accommodate the needs of special diets such as allergies, etc. but you MUST state your needs clearly upon registration. It is essential that we know your needs before the 1st of June, or we may not be able to accommodate them!



The camp is international, and therefore communications will be in English to accommodate all our guests travelling from all over the world. If you require a translation, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Disability access

Unfortunately, the camp may not be well adapted for some people with mobility impairments since it is partly situated on a grass slope. The majority of the facilities have level access (though some bedroom areas and the hot tub have step access, and some doors may be narrow). We do aim to find ways to participate for everyone, so if you have any specific questions regarding accessibility, please do not hesitate to mail us at wishpowerexchange@gmail.com

Internet access

There is a wireless Internet connection. It may however be very weak occasionally, so please note that we cannot ensure a 100 % reliable connection at all times.

Photo credit to Ingo

Photo credit to Ingo Cando, Susanne Laessker and Joanna Hagströms who friendly let us use their art for this webbsite. Thank you!